Unity Web Player | Rageborn Mayhem


Rageborn Mayhem is addicting game that makes you rage, but in a enjoyable way. Compete with your friends to get to the end of each level in as little deaths as you can. Originally created as a hobby project/prototype, development started at the start of 2014 for a month then stopped, I do plan to improve the game, add more levels, and well, basically finish it. I have to pretty much redo the whole networking system, since I cannot publish with the current networking library, I have already made my own which I plan on changing soon.
To play the game you need to install the Unity Webplayer which should download and install automatically. Once in game you can either join a server if I (the dev) is hosting a server, since I am the only person who has the code to do that. Or you can start the game in Singleplayer mode and rage alone, there is a suicide button in the top left incase you need to kill your self and there is also a skip button if a level is too hard. Currently you cannot skip the boss level.
I hope you enjoy our game! - Luke and Jacob.
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